Russian Mistress Tanya — "I want to set records for cruelty...."   


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Mistress Tanya:
This one looks fit.
How about you?

The lovely Mistress Tanya can't make up her mind as for equine personal service.

"I like both the ponyboy on all fours and the ponyboy with me on his shoulders," she smiles.

But Mistress Tanya is even more enamored of the concept of male-drawn chariots, with a whole team of slaves, as has been famously depicted on the pages of Cruella. (See inset image — Copyright Rogue-Hagen, Cruella.com, all rights reserved.)

"Ever since my photos started appearing, men have been writing me from around the world, begging me to actually do to them what we model in the pictures.

"I'd like to bring several of them together, one of these days — at least a team of four, as in the old chariot races — and whip my team of slaves all the way across Russia. Or until they collapsed and I had to sell them to the glue factory.... whichever came first.

"That would have to be some kind of record, wouldn't it?"

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