Mistress Anna Gold — "All males... on all fours..."   


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Mistress Anna:
Here. Put this on.

DFH contributing editrix Mistress Anna Gold appreciates other perspectives, but for her money, the best ponyboy posture involves the male in a classical, all-fours position.

(In this, she agrees with a majority of readers we surveyed at the Yahoo Human Ponies group, here. Not that she cares.)

"There's something very right about all males being on their hands and knees whenever they are in my presence — and with me on top of them, when it amuses me. "I like to further humiliate my human horsies by using whatever object is available: in this case, some duct tape, and one of my shoes."

Known for her cruelty on the set, Msx. Anna feels that she still hasn't quite gotten the ride she deserves. "Many mistresses talk about 'breaking' a slave, as with a horse," she notes. "But I would like to actually experience it." "I'm talking about fully breaking a slave — his mind and will — turning him into a fully obedient horse.

"Perhaps even literally breaking his back.... then taunting him as he lays there paralyzed, and I become the horse in a sense, trampling his helpless body to a pulp."

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Human Ponies. That's you.

Human Ponies

"Crawl and submit to my cruelty.
You are now my pathetic man-horse!"
— Mistress Anna Gold

"Vote for me. Help me enslave other fools!" — Anna

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