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Britney Spears and the celebrity ponyboys
Enjoy our Features on "Britney Spears Riding Mistress," and other celebrity images and news stories from the equestrienne fetish files, including Mary Tyler Moore, Angelina Jolie, and Diana Rigg, to name just a few. Read the feature at Celebrity Dominatrix, or just scan the images at our Human Pony Group at Yahoo.

Stella Van Gent riding fetish human ponies
Stella Van Gent — I want you, ponyboy
As a German dominatrix, not to mention our 2010 Femme Fatale of the Year, Stella Van Gent knows a fair amount about the riding fetish... whether it's on an actual horse, or a male she's reduced to a human pony. Stella comments on the riding fetish in her f.f.f. profile, here. And you can view Stella Van Gent as riding mistress, here.

Russian Riding Mistresses — mounting the male
There is something perverse in asking a horse how he'd prefer to be ridden. So we asked several riders — the lovely Christina, Anna Gold (left), and Tanya of our friends at Russian Mistress — to give us their thoughts on the best posture for males as horses. Their sovereign thoughts, with a crack of the riding crop of course, here.

Cruel Riding Mistress Jessy of Germany
When her fiance said he would do anything for her — anything — Jessy put him to the test. Out in the barn, where his prize collection of race-horses was bred and kept. Jessy had already taken over the ranch, farm, and his other assets as part of a total-transfer pre-nup. What he didn't realize was that his status as man was about to be transferred as well. But then, the heartless girls of Staria always like to keep a surprise or two in store. Click here.

Riding Mistress Peck. Achtung! Giddyup!
What is it about German girls that makes for such naturally authoritative riding mistresses? Who cares? Here the lovely Mistress Peck and her colleagues take true relish in the training of a previously unbroken male — wielding the whip and the choke collar with a combination of Teutonic indifference and girlydoms-just-wanna-have-fun bemusement. Click here.

You are Mr. Ed
Answering a plea for her haughty and sovereign attention, riding mistress and DieForHer Senior Editrix Dietrich proclaims her enjoyment of the bit and the saddle as appropriate dress for all males. Whip in hand (right), she muses about the "exquisite appositeness of men as horses." Teeth on the bit, partner — but brace yourself. That crackling sound in the background... the heat... the smell of iron....here.

Cruel Riding Mistress, Princess Fatale
You've seen the beautiful fetish supermodel, Nikita, all over the internet, and in her riveting tribute to femmes fatale Lulu and Lolita. Now meet the beautiful woman in an exclusive profile to die for. "I used to be shocked when these grown-up men wrote to me and begged me to ride them like a horse," Princess Fatale confides. "But I've come to enjoy it more and more." Seriously? "Yes, Max, I want a pony," she laughs. "Preferably with his own trust fund."  Click here.

Gore serves as human pony
in reported OWK jaunt

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, wife Tipper, and Hillary Clinton seen at Other World Kingdom festivities — an exclusive Fem-Drudge Report scoop here. Is Gore's visit a tongue-in-cheeck satire started by the On Dominance blog, or the scoop of the decade? A la Fox News, the FDR presents the doctored photos and lets you decide.

Mistress Yurika celebrates
equine fetishist Catherine the Great

We mustn't neglect Ekaterina, an exotic black widow and dominatrix who became Tsarina of all the Russias. A tribute by Mistress Yurika. Is it just us, or does Mistress Yurika seem to be highly contemplative as she fondles her whip?

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